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Were and Where

You may be wondering what it is. I found here in Maharashtra, India. Most people mispronounce it. I want to make sure that, if you have this problem you can rectify it.

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Modal Auxiliary verbs

Modal Auxiliary verbs Modal verbs are the verbs that denote the mood of the main verb. Auxiliary means helping. Modal Auxiliary verbs are the helping

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Types of Interjections

Types of Interjections These are the words that convey feelings or emotions. These appear with an exclamation mark. By Sheetal Desarda Here are the types:1.Interjections

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Types of conjunctions

Types of Conjunctions A conjunction is a word that joins words, phrases, clauses & sentences. By Sheetal Desarda Here are the types of conjunctions: 1.

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Types of verbs

Types of Verbs A verb is something that reflects an action in the sentence. By Sheetal Desarda Types of verbs: 1.Intransitive complete verbs: These do

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Types of Prepositions

Types of Prepositions We use prepositions to connect different nouns, pronouns or phrases in a sentence. By Sheetal Desarda Here are different types of prepositions.

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Types of Adverbs

Types of Adverbs An adverb is something that answers the questions like ‘how, when, where, to what extent, why’. By Sheetal Desarda Here are the

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Types of Adjectives

Types of Adjectives An adjective is something that describes a noun or a pronoun. By Sheetal Desarda Here are the types of adjectives:-1.Descriptive adjectives: They

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Types of Pronouns

Types of Pronouns A pronoun is something that can replace the noun. By Sheetal Desarda Here are the types of pronouns:- 1.Personal pronouns: These are

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Types of Nouns

Types of Nouns A noun is used to identify a person, thing, place or idea. By Sheetal Desarda These are the types of nouns.   

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Corporate Training

Corporate training has been an important aspect of company growth. Training helps an employee to grow in a personal and professional level. Corporate Training: Training

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How to be a PMP® Certified?

How to be a PMP Certified? I would like to unfold my Journey towards achieving the first Internationally recognized Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certificate. It’s

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