Types of Nouns

Types of Nouns A noun is used to identify a person, thing, place or idea. By Sheetal Desarda These are the types of nouns.    1. Common Nouns: As the name suggests; these describe common things. E.g. Doctor, teacher, country, etc. E.g. 1.Shamita is a very good teacher.          2. India is […]

Corporate Training

Corporate training has been an important aspect of company growth. Training helps an employee to grow in a personal and professional level. Corporate Training: Training and development are the backbones of every industry. Presentation skills play a vital role in this. Management skills help leaders to manage the work. Therefore, Leadership skills have an essence […]

Kiss your ‘W’ and bite your ‘V’ through English Speech

    English is an interesting language especially when it comes to pronunciation. Let’s take the words Wow! and Vow for English Speech. Here Wow! means an expression of excitement, however, Vow is for Oath. English speaking is an essential aspect of learning the language. In Spoken English the words should be pronounced properly. Phonetic is an essential part […]

Present Continuous Tense and the usage

Present Continuous Tense and the usage In the previous blog, we had seen Present Tense. Now let’s see how the present continuous tense works. In this tense we see the Present form, however in addition to this what is happening now is also included. The action is not yet completed. Let’s take a few examples; […]

Simple Present Tense and the usage

Simple Present Tense and the usage Since childhood, we have learned Grammar rules. We tend to forget these rules and as a non-native speaker, we question our self. Where am I going to use this Tense? You may be wondering why and when we should use this Simple Present Tense? The answer is quite simple. […]

How to be a PMP® Certified?

How to be a PMP Certified? I would like to unfold my Journey towards achieving the first Internationally recognized Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certificate. It’s been a long time where I was thinking about sharing my experience through a blog. Although, I had talked about it in the Institute where the students were interested to […]

Did you know, it’s Phree?

Did you know, it’s Phree? You may be wondering what is phree. Have I misspelled the word Free, which we usually hear? I am talking about Phree a device which was Invented by Israeli firm OTM Technology which looks like a pen but much powerful than a pen. Is it a camera pen which I […]

How to buy domain name and hosting from namecheap?

How to buy a domain name and hosting from Namecheap? I will assist you with the procedure to get a domain name and hosting from Namecheap. Decide well in advance what you are going to name your website/blog. Think it 10 times before you finalize your domain name (for eg. enlig8.com). You will not be […]

Small things for Big Communication

Small things for Big Communication Many people have a problem with communication and its difficult for them to manage it. let’s see how to overcome this: Speak with Mirror: Speak in front of the mirror to gain your confidence. you will get to know how you will look like in front of others. How your gestures will be […]