Present Continuous Tense and the usage

In the previous blog, we had seen Present Tense. Now let’s see how the present continuous tense works. In this tense we see the Present form, however in addition to this what is happening now is also included. The action is not yet completed. Let’s take a few examples;

In India, we tend to use “ing” form more often. We need to understand the proper usage of this tense. Else, we go towards the wrong usage.

We will discuss three main parts of this tense in more detail.

1. Affirmative

2. Interrogative

3. Negative

1. Affirmative:

We can also refer to this as a positive or a reply to the state of action.

“subject” + “am/is/are” + “verb” + “ing” + “object” + “.”


Here you have noticed that for “I”, we used “am” for “He”, “She” and “It” we used “is” and for “You”, “are” is used. The verbs “am”, “is” and “are” are called as “Auxiliary verbs”. What do you mean by “Auxiliary verbs”?

Supportive/ helping verbs.

These verbs are supporting the main verb of the sentence. What is the main verb in the sentences here? “reading”.


In Plural form, we are using “are” with the main verb and of course, the main verb is in “ing” form. The action is happening now.


2. Interrogative:

We will see now, how to form questions.

“am/is/are” + “subject” + “verb” + “ing” + “object” + “?”


Here you have noticed that the auxiliary verb / supportive verb / helping verb is taking the 1st position. So, to form a question we must take the “subject” in the second position. In this way, the question is ready.



3. Negative:

We are using negative to simply imply “No”.

“subject” + “am/is/are” + “not” + “verb” + “ing” + “object” + “.”

Here, you have noticed that we have added “not” in the sentence structure.



Note: The requirement of “Object” may vary as per the sentence.

For example.

Hope you understand this topic. Please leave your comments here.

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