Types of Adjectives

An adjective is something that describes a noun or a pronoun.

By Sheetal Desarda

Here are the types of adjectives:-
1.Descriptive adjectives: They describe nouns & pronouns. They are of two types.
A. Attributive adjectives: Adjectives that define the quality of the noun & come directly beside the noun.
1.She is wearing a beautiful dress.
2.He gives a tough fight.

B. Predicate adjectives: These are words that follow linking verb & they describe the noun in the sentence.
1.The pizza is yummy.
2.The sky is cloudy.

2. Limiting adjectives: They limit the noun that they describe. They are of nine types.
A. Definite & Indefinite articles: ‘The’ is a definite article. ‘a’ and ‘an’ are indefinite articles.
1.The country(a specific country)
2.A country (Any country)

B. Possessive adjectives: These are the adjectives that show possession.
Examples: his, her, my, your, they are, our
1.I left my book on the table.
2.She polished her shoes.

C. Demonstrative adjectives: These demonstrate & modify nouns or noun phrases.
Examples: This, these, that, those.
1.I want this book.
2.That house is so far.

D. Interrogative adjectives:
These are similar to interrogative pronouns. These modify the noun in the sentence.
Examples: What, Which
1.What topic did you choose for research?
2.Which lotion do you apply on your face?

E. Indefinite adjectives: These are similar to indefinite pronouns. These modify the noun in the sentence.
Examples: All, many, any
1.All lawyers are liars.
2.They can call any speaker to deliver the speech.

F. Cardinal adjectives: These modify the noun in the sentence by numbering it.
1.He has six cows.
2. Jayalalitha owns around ten thousand sarees.

G. Ordinal adjectives: These tell the position of a noun in a series.
1.He stood first in the class.
2.This is my second research paper.

H. Proper adjectives: We derive these from proper nouns.
Examples: American accent, Indian culture
1.She uses an American accent to throw an impression.
2.Only Indian culture shows unity in diversity.

I. Nouns used as adjectives: These are nouns that describe the other noun in the sentence.
1.The electricity bill is quite high.
2.There is a ban on plastic bags.

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