Types of Adverbs

An adverb is something that answers the questions like ‘how, when, where, to what extent, why’.

By Sheetal Desarda

Here are the types of adverbs:

1.Adverbs of frequency: These show how often things happen.

Examples are Always, occasionally, sometimes, rarely, etc. 

1.He is always late.

2.It happens rarely.

2.Adverbs of manner: These show how things happen.

Examples are joyfully, carelessly, happily, easily, quickly, etc.

1.She will pass the exam easily.

2.He left the country happily.

3.Adverbs of Time: These show when things happen.

Examples are soon, later, already, yesterday, tomorrow, last month, etc.

1.I will study tomorrow.

2.It rained heavily last month.

4.Adverbs of place: These show where things happen.

Examples are below, down, inside, outside, near, far, etc.

1.The police caught the thief outside the bank.

2.He found the sleeping pills below her pillow.

5.Adverbs of Degree: These show degrees (or extent )as the name suggests. 

Examples are almost, hardly, entirely, terribly, greatly, extremely, etc.

1.She hardly asks any questions.

2.Gandhiji influences people greatly.

6.Adverbs of evaluation: These show evaluation.

Examples are ‘ honestly, frankly, clearly, unfairly, kindly’, etc.

1.David answered honestly in the court.

2.Tell me everything frankly.

7.Conjunctive adverbs: These are also known as linking adverbs as they link two clauses in a sentence.

Examples are ‘ however, similarly, hence, further, incidentally, accordingly,’ etc.

1.She is brave; however, she can’t fight alone.

2.Don’t cheat during exams; otherwise, you will be in big trouble.



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