Types of Interjections

These are the words that convey feelings or emotions. These appear with an exclamation mark.

By Sheetal Desarda

Here are the types:
1.Interjections for greeting: We use these to greet someone.
Examples are Hi, Hello.
1.Hi! I am Sheetal.
2.Hello! Where are you going?

2.Interjections for joy: We use these to indicate joy or happiness.
Examples are Wow, Hurray, Yippee.
1.Hurray! We won the match.
2.Wow! The food is so tasty.

3.Interjections for praise: We use these to praise someone.
Examples are Well done! , Bravo!
1.Well done! You won the gold medal.
2.Bravo! Keep it up.

4.Interjections for Surprise: We use these to express the feeling of astonishment or surprise.
Examples are What!, oh!, Ah!,
1.What! You failed in maths!
2.Oh! What a beauty!

5.Interjections for grief: We use these to indicate sorrow.
Examples are Ah!, Ouch! Alas!
1.Alas! He died due to cancer.
2.Ouch! My foot is paining.

6.Interjections for bidding farewell: We use these to say goodbye.
Examples are Bye!, Goodbye!
1.Bye! I am going to a movie.
2.Goodbye! We are leaving this place.

7.Interjections for expressing doubt or hesitation: We use these to indicate doubt or hesitation.
Examples are Uh, Hmm, Er
1.Hmm! I think I don’t know the answer.
2.Uh! I doubt whether he is in Coma.

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