Types of Pronouns

A pronoun is something that can replace the noun.

By Sheetal Desarda

Here are the types of pronouns:-

1.Personal pronouns: These are the pronouns used to describe the person. It may be the first person, the second person or the third person.

Examples are I, We, You, He, She, It, They, Us.

1. She is a good listener.

2.  We are going to the market.

2. Relative pronouns: It is something that relates to the noun used in the sentence.

Examples are whom, that, which.

1.He is the singer whom I like to see.

2.It is a book that gives me confidence.

3. Demonstrative pronouns: We use these to point out things.

Examples are This, That, Those, These

1.I like these shoes.

2.Those were the golden days.

4. Indefinite pronouns: As the name suggests, these pronouns are not definite.

Examples are someone, somebody, any, all

1.Somebody is calling me.

2. Any of these will do.

5.Reflexive pronouns: We use these to reflect the subject in the sentence.

Examples are himself, herself, myself, themselves, itself

1.He is ruining himself.

2.She goes to college herself.

6.Intensive pronouns: We use these to highlight or emphasize the noun.

Examples are himself, herself, myself, themselves, itself.

1.They themselves are responsible for the mistake.

2.She herself drove the car.

7.Interrogative pronouns: We use these to ask questions.

Examples are who, whom, which, why, how

1.Who is the pioneer of the green revolution?

2.Whom should I call?

8.Possessive pronouns: We use these to show possession or ownership.

Examples are ours, theirs, his, hers, your

1.The choice is hers.

2.The car is theirs.

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