Types of Verbs

A verb is something that reflects an action in the sentence.

By Sheetal Desarda

Types of verbs:
1.Intransitive complete verbs: These do not transfer the action. There is no receiver of an action.
1.The bell rings.
2.He arrived.

2.Transitive active verbs: Unlike the intransitive verbs, these do transfer the action. There is a receiver of the action. It is called a direct object.
1.He rings the bell.
2.She drinks milk.

3.Transitive passive verbs: In these, the receiver of the action is the subject. We use these verbs in the passive voice.
1.A guitar was played (by Ramesh).
2.A letter was written (by Reena).

4. Intransitive linking verbs: These belong to the category of linking verbs. As they are intransitive, they do not transfer the action.
1. I am happy.
2. The coffee is cold.

In the first sentence, we have connected I and Happy with ”am”.
In the second sentence, we have connected ‘The coffee’ & ‘cold’ with ‘is’.

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