Types of Prepositions

We use prepositions to connect different nouns, pronouns or phrases in a sentence.

By Sheetal Desarda

Here are different types of prepositions.

1.Simple prepositions: These are single word prepositions.
Examples are on, to, about, in, after, off, etc.

1.The book is lying on the table.
2.He got selected in Bajaj Auto.

2.Double prepositions: These are a combination of two simple prepositions.
Examples are into, upon, up to, onto, out of, etc.
1.Don’t peep into others’ lives.
2.He is thinking out of the box.

3.Compound prepositions: These are a combination of two or more words.
Examples are in the middle of, because of, Due to, According to, etc.

1.Our children will face problems in the middle of the 21st century.
2.I cracked the deal on behalf of my company.

4.Participle prepositions: These are verbs ending with ‘-ed’ or ‘-ing’.
Examples are following, during, considering, frustrated, etc.

1.Considering his condition, the court granted him the bail.
2. All will have to pay the fees including me.

5. Phrase prepositions: These are phrases. These are a combination of
1. Preposition
2. Modifier (optional) and
3. Object.
Examples are under the tree, on time, out of curiosity, on the floor, etc.

1.He reached home on time.
2.He collected the pins lying on the floor.

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