Difference Between Were and Where

In this artice you will understand the difference between Where and Were

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By Ashish Pradhan

Hi, Today I am going to discuss the topic related to pronunciation for Were and Where. 

You may be wondering what it is. I found here in Maharashtra, India. Most people mispronounce it. I want to make sure that, if you have this problem you can rectify it.

What is Were?

We use ‘were’ to talk about something related to the past with the pronouns like I, You, We, They.

What is Where?

We use ‘where’ to ask where the destination or location is.

Yes, the pronunciation is different for both.

The phonetic transcription of Were is wɜː and Where is weə.

If we pronounce it without attention to the details, the native speaker or even English speaking person may not be able to understand it.

I would appreciate if you could just share or comment on this.

Thank you.

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