Were and Where

You may be wondering what it is. I found here in Maharashtra, India. Most people mispronounce it. I want to make sure that, if you have this problem you can rectify it.

Modal Auxiliary verbs

Modal Auxiliary verbs Modal verbs are the verbs that denote the mood of the main verb. Auxiliary means helping. Modal Auxiliary verbs are the helping verbs. By Sheetal Desarda These denote the mood of the main verb in the sentence. Here are the modal auxiliary verbs:- 1.Can:  Here are the uses and examples: A. Ability:-We […]

Types of Interjections

Types of Interjections These are the words that convey feelings or emotions. These appear with an exclamation mark. By Sheetal Desarda Here are the types:1.Interjections for greeting: We use these to greet someone.Examples are Hi, Hello.1.Hi! I am Sheetal.2.Hello! Where are you going? 2.Interjections for joy: We use these to indicate joy or happiness.Examples are […]

Types of conjunctions

Types of Conjunctions A conjunction is a word that joins words, phrases, clauses & sentences. By Sheetal Desarda Here are the types of conjunctions: 1. Coordinating conjunctions: These join two words, two phrases or two clauses. These join the things that have the same status grammatically.Examples are and, or, nor, for, but, yet, so.1. I […]

Types of verbs

Types of Verbs A verb is something that reflects an action in the sentence. By Sheetal Desarda Types of verbs: 1.Intransitive complete verbs: These do not transfer the action. There is no receiver of an action.Examples:1.The bell rings.2.He arrived. 2.Transitive active verbs: Unlike the intransitive verbs, these do transfer the action. There is a receiver […]

Types of Prepositions

Types of Prepositions We use prepositions to connect different nouns, pronouns or phrases in a sentence. By Sheetal Desarda Here are different types of prepositions. 1.Simple prepositions: These are single word prepositions.Examples are on, to, about, in, after, off, etc. 1.The book is lying on the table.2.He got selected in Bajaj Auto. 2.Double prepositions: These […]

Types of Adverbs

Types of Adverbs An adverb is something that answers the questions like ‘how, when, where, to what extent, why’. By Sheetal Desarda Here are the types of adverbs: 1.Adverbs of frequency: These show how often things happen. Examples are Always, occasionally, sometimes, rarely, etc.  1.He is always late. 2.It happens rarely. 2.Adverbs of manner: These […]

Types of Adjectives

Types of Adjectives An adjective is something that describes a noun or a pronoun. By Sheetal Desarda Here are the types of adjectives:-1.Descriptive adjectives: They describe nouns & pronouns. They are of two types. A. Attributive adjectives: Adjectives that define the quality of the noun & come directly beside the noun. Examples:1.She is wearing a […]

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